Transporting Products Safely

Transporting Products Safely

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For the average ag retailer, there is plenty of activity in the area of transportation. Crop inputs are coming into the facility — and hopefully, leaving just as fast. In some cases, spent product containers find their way back to the outlet to await recycling.

Here are four key points to consider to ensure you transport products safely.

  • Bulk chemical transfer should take place in a covered area to protect against the elements. If possible, this structure should be big enough to accommodate all types of delivery and pick-up vehicles.
  • Where delivery of products takes place via rail, retailers should have some form of spill pad or liner in use to prevent any items from accidentally being released into the environment.
  • Spill pads are necessary in all parts of the outlet that are used for product delivery and pick-up. These can be supplemented with other items such as drip pans for added safety.
  • Once product has been delivered or pick-up at the ag retailer, an employee should be assigned the task of cleaning or sweeping up the area to make certain that no cross-contamination of products or spilled items are left behind.

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