Safety Is Job One For Employees

Safety Is Job One For Employees

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In the world of ag retail, providing safety is a full-time job. Today’s dealerships need to not only provide safety to their employees, but the surrounding communities they are located in as well. This can be accomplished in myriad ways, utlizing both tools to provide safety directly and counting on local authority figures to provide support. Here are four key points to consider for keeping your employees safe:

  • Retail outlets should be certain to have adequate containment for their products and proper lighting to discourage break-ins.
  • If possible, retail facilities should have access to emergency water supplies to combat fires directly on their grounds. Otherwise, retailers should make certain to have a plan for accessing the nearest water supply.
  • Retailers should work with local law enforcement and emergency personnel to ensure these groups regularly patrol their facilities and know how to gain access to them in an emergency situation.
  • Facility managers should be certain to provide employees and custom applicators with checklists to be sure their safety equipment and supplies are up-to-date and in good working order.

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