Retailers On Being A Good Neighbor

Simplot Grower Solutions Employee Mixing Chemicals

For most ag retailers, being a good neighbor in their home community is very important. Some retailers plant flowers around their building to make their facilities more pleasant to the eye, for instance. Others make certain to follow various safety procedures to lessen the risk to the surrounding area. Here are four key points to consider on being a good neighbor:

  • To avoid potential spills at the retail facility, crop protection products being used for custom application work should be mixed at the field location.
  • Retailers should provide safety equipment and training to their employees and form safety committees made up of individuals working at these outlets to recommend safety training requirements and other safety/security procedures.
  • Retailers should invite their local fire department to their facilities often so that firefighters can become familiar with the layout and operations of the outlet. Important items should be kept in a secure location known to these individuals.
  • Employees at retail locations should volunteer to help in local community activities and events. Speaking at local high schools and colleges to explain the operations at the average retailer are also recommended.

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