Helena Chemical Hayti: Going The Extra Mile

Helena Chemical Hayti: Going The Extra Mile

The state Environmental Respect Awards winner Helena Chemical in Hayti, MO, views stewardship as an investment in the future, of both its business and the community. “You’ve heard the term ‘going the extra mile?’” asks Keith Marchbanks, warehouse manager. “We are doing just that. It may be from picking up trash along our property daily to teaching our farmers and future farmers about environmental respect.”


The outlet follows through with this philosophy on its grounds as well. All storage tanks in both the crop protection products and fertilizer warehouses are diked. Furthermore, the processing and bulk refill area is completely enclosed to protect against the elements. All fill hoses are clearly marked with product information to avoid cross-contamination.

“We have monthly safety meetings where we discuss things such as changing, new and upcoming regulations that will affect us and our community,” says Marchbanks.

He adds that chemical companies often have a negative image with the general public — something the outlet is striving to correct with its stewardship efforts.

“Environmental respect is an investment to the future of our community and the Helena company,” says Marchbanks. “We strive to protect our natural resources and to keep our community and surrounding areas safe and clean.”

Note: Helena Chemical in Hayti, MO, is a 2012 state Environmental Respect Award winner. For more information on this program, which is sponsored by DuPont, click here.