Helena Chemical Alamo: Respect At The Top Of Mind

Helena Chemical Alamo: Respect At The Top Of Mind

At Helena Chemical Co. in Alamo, TN, environmental respect is always on the mind of Assistant Warehouse Manager Dustin McArthur. “I believe that environmental respect is a continual learning process because you are always trying to think of more efficient and safer ways to conduct business,” he says. “Keeping your company up to date with environmental standards and regulations is a process that must be recognized not only at the retailer level, but conveyed to the farmer as well.”


Besides all of the company’s bulk tanks being inspected and certified by the American Agronomic Stewardship Alliance, McArthur keeps employees in-the-know via safety training videos and regular meetings. He also believes embracing environmental respect in the present will greatly benefit his operation in the future.

“Environmental respect is a significant part of the successful future of our company,” says McArthur. “We understand that it is helpful to our world first most, but also to our individual companies, as it can be good for our bottom line due to it helping us save money and boost employee morale.”

According to McArthur, there are five benefits that Helena has enjoyed by embracing the tenets of environmental respect: Reduce waste and pollution; lower energy use; encourage employees to make maximum use of transportation; buy environmentally friendly supplies and materials; and recycle.

“To be a successful company, you have to be effective and efficient in your methods of work, which helps lead your company in a positive direction,” says McArthur. “As we put forth the right policies today, we can build a stronger foundation for the years to come.”

Note: Helena Chemical Co. in Alamo, TN, is a 2012 state Environmental Respect Award winner. For more information on this program, which is sponsored by DuPont, click here.