Experts Weigh In On Safety Tips

Experts Weigh In On Safety Tips

For the past 19 years, the Environmental Respect Awards program, sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection and CropLife® magazine, has honored dealerships that excel in the areas of safety, security, and stewardship. We’ve dedicated “Dealership Security and You” to six of these retailers. Below are several photographs taken at these dealerships from around the country that illustrate a thorough understanding of dealership security and safety.


Key Points To Consider

A. For facilities that mix crop protection and fertilizer products on-site, covered buildings and containment dikes are important features to have.
B. When mixing crop protection products or fertilizers for customer use, employees must always be required to use personal protection equipment.
C. Wherever possible, ag retailers should have signs and booklets with safety and security instructions/procedures posted around their facilities so employees can easily refer to them in emergency situations.
D. Employee training to handle emergency situations should be conducted on a regular basis, but no less than twice per year.



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