Dole, McGovern Receive Distinguished World Food Prize

Dole, McGovern Distinguished World Food Prize


Two former U.S. senators — Bob Dole (R-KS) and George McGovern (D-SD) — have been honored with the World Food Prize for their efforts to reduce world hunger. The pair created the George McGovern-Robert Dole International Food for Education and Nutrition Program in 2000.


The program has provided more than 22 million meals to schoolchildren in 41 countries.


Both men are former presidential candidates. “There’s a significant message that’s included by having them both honored, one Democrat, one Republican,” says Kenneth M. Quinn, the president of the World Food Prize Foundation.


Dole and McGovern were formally recognized Nov. 6 although they were announced as winners of the prize in June.


Norman Borlaug, a native Iowan and the winner of the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for spurring the “Green Revolution,” established the World Food Prize in 1986 to honor the efforts of those who work to solve global hunger problems. The distinction carries with it a $250,000 cash prize, which Dole and McGovern will split.


(Source: AP)