CPS McCook: Protecting The Final Frontier

CPS McCook: Protecting The Final Frontier

According to Joe Marguardt, location manager at Crop Production Services (CPS), McCook, NE, looking out for the environment calls to mind the opening to the original Star Trek series. “Our environment is our final frontier for the existence of life on our planet,” says Marguardt. “If we do not respect it, protect it and promote awareness of it, we could destroy the future of generations to come.”


To this end, CPS McCook has taken a number of environmentally friendly steps. This includes having all its fertilizer blending done by computer to minimize waste, doing product loading/unloading over a load pad to recover any spilled items and locking its buildings during off-hours. In 2009, the outlet constructed a new building with even more automated features to handle its crop inputs.

CPS McCook also maintains a regular monthly safety meeting with all employees to keep them up-to-speed on company procedures and changing product handling regulations, which Marguardt credits with keeping the outlet safe. “In 2011, we were accident free at our location,” he says.

In all, adds Marguardt, this is just par for the course when it comes to protecting the final frontier. “Agriculture and the environment go hand-in-hand as we strive to feed an ever-growing population on this planet,” he says. “We must ensure that the Earth remains healthy.”

Note: Crop Production Services (CPS), McCook, NE, is a 2012 state Environmental Respect Award winner. For more information on this program, which is sponsored by DuPont, click here.