CPS Bernie: Protecting The Land

CPS Bernie: Protecting The Land

Nestled in the Bootheel of Missouri, the city of Bernie is home to Crop Production Services (CPS), a company whose dedication to protecting the land earned it a 2011 state Environmental Respect Award and the respect of its community.


“Agriculture is a big part of the rural area that we work in,” says Matthew Pippins, warehouse manager. “It has held the economy up in our area and we haven’t seen the affects of the low economy other areas have endured.”

Because of the prominence of farming in the area, CPS Bernie has gone above and beyond to preserve the land. All product transfers occur in a contained area, which holds 100% of the capacity of the largest container. The processing and mixing area is located on a diked concrete pad so spills are contained and all jugs are triple pressure rinsed at the mixing site.

Within the last year, CPS Bernie has offered media and community tours of the facility, and has given presentations to local churches and civic groups on the importance of environmental safety.

“Environmental respect will keep our area clean and safe and make it available for years to come,” says Pippins. “Maintaining environmental respect will ensure our company of a long and prosperous future.”

Note: Crop Production Services (CPS) in Bernie, MO, was a 2011 state Environmental Respect Award winner. For more information on this program, which is sponsored by DuPont, click here.

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