Award-Winning Examples Of Ag Retail Safety

Award-Winning Examples Of Ag Retail Safety

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Without safety, dealership security becomes largely pointless, say industry insiders. This month, CropLife® magazine takes an in-depth look at all aspects of retailer security and safety. Here you will find several photographs taken at various dealerships around the country that illustrate a thorough understanding of dealership security and safety. Accompanying these pictures are some brief quotes from ag retailers who are leaders in the fields of security and safety — and as such, were recipients of 2008 Environmental Respect Awards.

Key Points To Consider

A. All sensitive crop protection products and other items that could be stolen should be kept in secure areas of the outlet under lock and key.

B. To safeguard anhydrous ammonia supplies at the facility, retailers should install security cameras or extra lighting to keep the areas under surveillance and well lit.

C. Safety supplies such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and spill kits should be kept in easy-to-access locations around the facility. Mobile spill kits should also be considered.

D. Using local law enforcement and fire departments is a must. These important community partners should be consulted often and invited to tour the facility grounds whenever possible.

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