A Message From DuPont

A Message From DuPont

Caring responsibly for the environment is a critical part of the job that agricultural retailers and distributors around the world will do every single day. And in this time of opportunity for those in agriculture, it’s a key component of our mutual success. The world needs what you are helping farmers produce and public scrutiny on how we produce enough to meet these needs will continue to climb.


Here at DuPont, environmental stewardship is a core value and one to which our company is strongly committed. It is our intent and our business to provide you with products that are more effective, and more environmentally friendly for user and consumer. We are honored to sponsor the Environmental Respect Awards, to encourage our partners in agriculture to preserve and protect our land, water, and air.

DuPont would like to sincerely congratulate the 2011 Environmen­tal Respect Award participants and state and regional winners as wonderful examples of an entire industry that demonstrates its stewardship every day in the course of serving farmer-customers.

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