4 Keys To Ag Retail Security

4 Keys To Ag Retail Security

Original publish date: June 2008


CropLife® magazine shines the dealership security spotlight on creating barriers. These can take several forms, from the security gates and locked fences that surround the facility to the sealant used in the loading area that prevents spilled products from seeping into the nearby soil and groundwater. Here you will find several photographs taken at various dealerships around the country that illustrate a thorough understanding of dealership security and safety.

Key Points To Consider

  1. If possible, access to the facility grounds should be protected by a fence or other security gate system.
  2. At least once per year, retailers should assign someone to inspect their unloading and loading concrete areas for defects. These should be repaired immediately and all such areas should be covered in a sealant to prevent leaks if spills occur.
  3. As an added deterrent to unwanted visitors, retailers should install security cameras and bright lights on their grounds.
  4. All storage tanks outdoors should be diked for safety. Likewise for inside tanks, which should also be kept in secure buildings that restrict access to employees and known grower-customers.