4 Considerations For Dealership Training And Safety

4 Considerations For Dealership Training And Safety

To be a good member of the community in which you are located takes some effort. For ag retailers, the bar is usually set pretty high in this area, with the slightest misstep potentially getting reported in the local and national media. Therefore, most dealerships strive to keep their facility safe and make certain their personnel are continually kept “in the loop” when it comes to training and safety procedures. Below are four points to consider when training staff, as well as photographs taken at various dealerships around the country that illustrate a thorough understanding of this concept.


Key Points To Consider

  1. Older retail facilities should consider replacing their aged or weathered fertilizer storage tanks to prevent spills or tank failures.
  2. Retailers should set an example for their communities by recycling their used crop protection product containers and/or offering some kind of collection/recycling program that the entire area can use.
  3. Outlets should have regular contact with local law enforcement and emergency responders. This can be accomplished through annual safety inspections and occasional visits to the facility grounds.
  4. Safety and procedure training for employees should be conducted on a regular basis, but at least once per year.

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