More Ethanol Blender Pumps Planned

More Ethanol Blender Pumps Planned

The "Bring Your Own Ethanol" campaign brings together the American Coalition on Ethanol (ACE), the National Corn Growers Association, the Renewable Fuels Association, and several states, including Kentucky, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.


There are currently about 2,000 E85 pumps countrywide, and only 180 of those are blender pumps, says Ron Lamberty, ACE vice president for marketing development.

Blender pumps are not new, but they have had a difficult time in the marketplace because of regulatory and safety concerns. Certification from Underwriters Laboratories is generally required before they are installed, although a few states now allow such pumps to be installed at gas stations as long as they meet fire marshal and Weights and Measures standards.

The groups say the campaign will involve providing valuable information to petroleum marketers so they know there are opportunities in ethanol. They have already come up with a Web site,, full of information about ethanol and how to make the fuel accessible to consumers. They also intend to go to trade shows, where they can educate petroleum marketers.

(Source: DTN)