GROWMARK: Educating The Legislature

GROWMARK: Educating The Legislature

When it comes to regulatory issues, Chuck Spencer, director, government affairs for GROWMARK, has a full plate. Besides addressing various local and state issues in the company’s market territories, there are a host of national issues to be followed. These include supporting the Capper-Volsted anti-trust protections for farmer-cooperatives, promoting renewable fuel programs, water quality and making the Hours of Service Exemption permanent.

He believes part of the reason that the agricultural market finds itself in so many legislative cross-hairs is a by-product of the make-up of today’s crop of elected officials.


“In the broader picture, approximately 75% of our legislative leaders come from urban areas and they are not familiar with the kind of science and computer technology we use to make the modern farming model work,” says Spencer. “Therefore, we need to tell our positive story and educate these assemblies. Informed legislative leaders will make the best decisions going forward.

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