Congressman Renews Attempt To Ban Atrazine

Congressman Renews Attempt To Ban Atrazine

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN.) has reintroduced legislation (H.R.4318) to ban the herbicide atrazine. Atrazine is used nationwide to kill broadleaf and grassy weeds, primarily in corn crops. But Ellison says a U.S. Geological Survey show that it has found atrazine in approximately 75% of stream waters and 40% of ground waters sampled near agricultural areas.


“No one should ever have to worry if the water they drink is making them sick or affecting fertility,” said Rep. Ellison. “Germany and Italy banned atrazine use in 1991 and Euro zone health officials banned its use in 2003. Yet, almost 10 years later the United States is still using it.”

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service acknowledges that the chemical may also harm the reproductive and endocrine systems in fish species.

Opponents of the proposal say atrazine is the second most commonly applied herbicide in the U.S., and according to many agronomist, there are no comparable replacements for what it can do.