Canadian House Passes Biofuels Bill

Canadian House Passes Biofuels Bill

Canada’s House of Commons has passed a bill that will require all gasoline sold in the country to contain 5 percent ethanol by 2010, and for all diesel and heating oil to contain 2 percent renewable fuels by 2012.


The bill (C-33) now goes to the Senate for debate, the government said in a release late last week.

Environment Minister John Baird said in the same release that the biofuel mandate will amount to the equivalent environmental benefit of taking a million cars off the road.

Players in Canada’s ethanol industry, not surprisingly, hailed the move. "With the National Energy Board predicting today that oil will stay around the $130 mark all summer due to strong demand and tight supply, Canadians need choice now more than ever," said Bob Gallant, CEO of Toronto-based GreenField Ethanol, in a company press release.