2013 Farm Bill: Final Vote Could Be Coming On Monday

2013 Farm Bill: Final Vote Could Be Coming On Monday

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has filed a cloture motion in the Senate on Tuesday to begin the process of forcing an end to debate on the $955 billion farm bill.


The motion sets up a 60-vote threshold vote on ending debate on Thursday, according to Senate Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow. That would create a Monday final vote on the farm bill, which governs food stamps, agricultural subsidies and crop insurance.

Stabenow is trying to broker an agreement with Republicans to consider a limited number of amendments to the farm bill. She said that with some 234 amendments filed, senators are having trouble whittling down the list. She says if a time agreement can be reached, Reid will cancel the cloture vote.

Major disagreements remain such as on attempts to pass payment limitations for crop insurance and to end a catfish inspection program that opponents say distorts free trade with Vietnam.

The chairwoman has already defended her draft text against liberal attempts to reverse $4 billion in food stamp cuts and a conservative attempt to deepen them.

Reid says he is eager to move the Senate on to tackling rising student loan rates and an immigration overhaul.

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