Independent Agribusiness Professionals Announces Name Change

Independent Agribusiness Professionals Announces Name Change

The owners of Independent Agribusiness Professionals, also known as IAP, have announced a name change for the first time since its founding 23 years ago. The new name, Integrated Agribusiness Professionals, focuses on the broad alliances and collaborative efforts of the owner group comprising IAP. Integrated Agribusiness Professionals represents one of the largest distributors of crop protection and fertilizer products in the U.S., with 1,000 distributor and retail outlets in all major agricultural markets.


“This name change takes us from our historic beginnings as a western organization to our current position as a national leader in agricultural markets,” says Bob Higby, president of IAP. “Integrated Agribusiness Professionals better represents who we are now, and will enhance our development of broader alliances and affiliations across the ag industry.”

Integrated Agribusiness Professionals will continue the practice of each owner company maintaining their business name and identity in their market area, and will continue to provide a wide range of services and support to its ownership. IAP is now represented by a new logo that will be integrated into all IAP business activities.

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