Going For Higher Blends

Going For Higher Blends

The effort to raise public awareness about higher blends of ethanol is ramping up in South Dakota.


The South Dakota Corn Utilization Coundil (SDCUC) and the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) are collaborating to launch a blender pump program across the state.

"Blender pumps will allow gas stations to sell more blends of ethanol-enriched fuel to consumers driving flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs)," says Robert White, EPIC director of operations. "The blender pump program will provide incentives and support to gas station retailers who want the opportunity to offer blender pumps, raise awareness to consumers, and offer flex-fuel vehicle motorists more opportunities at the pump."

This major initiative will help gas station retailers obtain funding and the equipment needed to sell higher blends of ethanol, which range from E20 (20 percent ethanol and 80 percent unleaded gasoline) to E40 (40 percent ethanol and 60 percent unleaded gasoline) and can only be used in FFVs. One of the main goals is to increase the state’s blender pump infrastructure by installing a minimum of 100 new blender pumps over the next year. There are currently nearly 20 blender pumps in the state. All blender pumps will be branded with the stylized "e" logo and the necessary precautionary pump labels.

Additional resources will be available to the retailers taking advantage of this blender pump program including a marketing and public relations campaign to increase public awareness and pump promotions at stations housing blender pumps.

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