Goal: Cheap Ethanol

Goal: Cheap Ethanol

An energy center plans to sell ethanol under $1 per gallon.


The Alternative Energy Technology Center Inc. (AETE) plans to produce ethanol for the U.S. market at less than $1 per gallon. AETE will refine biomass into fuel products using its exclusive technology.

Most new automobiles built in the U.S. by General Motors and other manufacturers are equipped to run on 85% ethanol. To fuel these cars, ethanol production must be expand significantly. With corn at over $5 per bushel, current plants spend nearly $2 to produce a gallon of ethanol that sells for $2.60. AETE’s process using common cellulosic biomass will produce ethanol for less than $1 per gallon.

"One-dollar ethanol will allow us to operate profitably without government subsidies or incentives," noted Brown Marks, AETE’s president. "We expect to produce over 100 gallons of fuel per ton of cellulosic biomass which costs about $65 in today’s market. We have designed our technology to use low-cost feed stocks that are widely available at low cost. We use a low-energy input design to increase efficiency and we can place our plants wherever there is abundant biomass available."

The Alternative Energy Technology Center Inc., based in The Woodlands, TX, is a technology company focused on biofuels and alternative energy technologies. It will focus on technologies using renewable energy inputs from non-food energy sources and on technologies that can be scaled up to efficiently addresses the post-petroleum energy needs of the United States.

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