Ethanol Emissions Less Than Gasoline

Ethanol Emissions Less Than Gasoline

A group of University of Nebraska researchers found that corn-based ethanol emits 51 percent less greenhouse gas (GHG) than gasoline, according to Cattle Network. This figure is three times the reduction reported in previous research.


The researchers evaluated dry mill ethanol plants that use natural gas to fuel their operations, Cattle Network says.

The study concluded that ethanol plants built in the past four years use technology that has led to reduced GHG emissions. Also, the study found that many of the modern plants are located near cattle feeding or dairy operations, which allows efficient use of distillers grains as cattle feed, Cattle Network reports.

Plants located near feedlots save energy and money by not having to dry wet distillers grain, instead delivering wet distillers grain directly to the nearby feedlot. Cattle Network says that drying accounts for about 30 percent of total energy usage at an ethanol plant.

(Source: Cattle Network)

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