DuPont’s QualiTrak Aids Ethanol Tracking

DuPont’s QualiTrak Aids Ethanol Tracking

Ethanol plants have a new tool to enable them to increase the amount of ethanol they produce per bushel of grain.


DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred now offers QualiTrak, a new measurement and reporting system that facilitates the flow of predicted ethanol yield information to both plant personnel and corn growers. According to Pioneer Hi-Bred, QualiTrak is the only system that predicts and reports ethanol yield data in gallons per bushel.

The measurement function of the QualiTrak system incorporates the Pioneer proprietary Ethanol Yield Potential calibration technology used with FOSS grain analyzers. This calibration accurately predicts ethanol yield on all commercial grain, regardless of seed source. The reporting function provides comprehensive comparative information for all loads of grain delivered to a plant. This data can help both growers and processors evaluate and compare each delivery.

Pioneer is working with FOSS to make the calibration widely available to the industry and plans to license its proprietary Ethanol Yield Potential calibration technology and the QualiTrak system to universities, third-party organizations, and other seed companies.

Pioneer already has evaluated its entire corn hybrid lineup for ethanol yield potential and has identified more than 180 hybrids that produce higher than average amounts of ethanol. Many of these hybrids also contain the Herculex I insect protection gene for better grain quality. These high total fermentable (HTF) hybrids are being positioned with growers near ethanol plants to provide additional marketing opportunities for the grower as well as efficiencies at the ethanol facility.

(Source: Pioneer Hi-Bred) 

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