Customizing Ethanol Business System

Customizing Ethanol Business System

Ethanol facilities have a new business management upgrade — a new flow controller interface — from John Deere Agri Services. 


The new flow controller interface will be an extended option available with the oneWeigh scale automation system. As part of the integrated business system for ethanol facility management, the scale system automates shipping and receiving operations.

This new flow controller interface allows integration between the oneWeigh system and the Smith Meter AccuLoad III flow controller in order to easily and accurately capture movement of temperature-adjusted gallons of biofuels or other liquids. The interface supports multiple single-arm or dual-arm controllers.

The scale system can be configured for unattended or attended loadout operations. The ethanol facility is able to customize the oneWeigh system to indicate what kinds of information to prompt for — such as an ID, load number, or destination — prior to the loadout. When haulers arrive at the plant, the flow controller prompts them for the required information, which is then optionally verified with data in the oneWeigh system. Upon verification, the hauler is able to load and receives a bill of lading to complete the transaction.

"The new flow controller interface adds a significant element for unattended ethanol loadout operations," says Tom Angell, director of marketing for John Deere Agri Services. "The ability to prompt and validate key information for a particular load order allows for secure and efficient processing."

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