ARA: Important Information Regarding A Tax Deduction For Members

The percentage of an Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) members’ dues that are not used by the organization for advocacy efforts may be a tax deduction for member companies. ARA’s auditor has calculated that 30% of the dues paid by each ARA member was used for the purpose of lobbying, as defined by federal law, and therefore is not deductible as a business expense. ARA spends significantly more than that on public policy issues, as this is our most important purpose and fully a third of ARA staff is dedicated to this task. The calculation by ARA’s auditor means that 70% of the dues paid by member organizations is used for purposes other than strict lobbying expense and may be tax deductible.

ARA recommends that members consult with their tax advisers regarding this possible deduction. Please contact Daren Coppock in the ARA office if you have questions regarding this information.

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