AgFanatics Podcast Makes Markets Interesting, Informative

AgFanatics Podcast Makes Markets Interesting, Informative

Looking for a new podcast to add to your library? Consider subscribing to the AgFanatics.


The AgFanatics are Cory Winstead, AgriVisor account manager, and Nick Klump, AgriVisor business operations specialist. The podcasts reflect their expertise in market conditions, as well as humor and personal anecdotes.

“Nick and I hope that our podcasts are both informative and entertaining, and that our personalities show through,” Winstead said.

Episodes of the 15-20 minute long podcast are recorded on Tuesdays and Thursdays and uploaded to iTunes those same days. Some episodes, titled “Market Talk” focus on Winstead and Klump reviewing key commodity market issues of the day, while others include guests sharing their areas of expertise on topics such as the Farm Bill, the Fiscal Cliff, Mississippi River issues, and more.

“We enjoy bringing in guests, because then we can talk about topics important to farmers beyond the markets, which we do talk about to some degree in each episode,” Winstead said. “We recently had a guest from COUNTRY Financial on to talk about changes in crop insurance for 2013, and it was very informative and well-received.”

The podcast can be accessed directly from iTunes or through Listeners can create a subscription in either location to be notified when new episodes are available, or set up an automatic download to an Apple device, such as an iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

AgriVisor, LLC, is a joint venture between GROWMARK, Inc., and Illinois Farm Bureau and offers grain and livestock marketing analysis. AgriVisor also offers brokerage services, Crossover Solutions, and premium advisory services. AgriVisor services are provided through participating grain elevators.

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