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John Miller, Product of the Year

In the world of ag equipment, only a few are special and important enough to really stand out from the crowd. To honor these agricultural trendsetters, CropLife IRON introduced the Product of the Year Awards in 2007. Throughout the summer months, nominations were accepted from readers telling us why certain pieces of ag equipment deserved to be honored with this prize. Five products — the 4830 sprayer from John Deere, the HydraLink Sus­pension from Miller-St. Nazianz, the Predator 8420 from GVM, the Envizio Pro from Raven Industries, and the STS14 sprayer from Ha­gie Manufacturing — were chosen to compete for the trophy.

From Nov. 20 to Dec. 20, CropLife IRON received almost 600 ballots. In the end, however, Miller-St. Nazianz’s Hydra­Link Suspension received the most votes and was awarded the top prize at the Wisconsin Crop Production Association meeting Jan. 16 in Madison, WI.

“I’m honored to accept the Product of the Year trophy on behalf of our company and the HydraLink,” said John W. Miller, Miller-St. Nazianz vice president. “This is a great honor for all our employees and designers.”

Sfiligoj is the Editor for both CropLife and CropLife IRON magazines. He travels regularly to cover industry events and has been dedicated to the ag retail industry since he joined the staff in 2000.

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