Multi-Tasking Tenders

Multi-Tasking Tenders

The Tailer, Simonsen Industries/Owen Industries

Simonsen Tailer Tender


New from Simonsen and Owen Industries, the Tailer is a multi-purpose top auger tender/grain trailer. The Tailer is designed for year-round use, as a grain trailer or as a fertilizer tender during the spreading season. It features a 10 X 13 X 10 auger system, 304 stainless steel tubes, 409 stainless steel flighting, a heavy hydraulic dual circuit system and a 20-foot delivery auger with 180-degree rotation. The Tailer utilizes a new 40-foot aluminum Neville grain trailer as the foundation for the unit. The best feature of all: The patent-pending hopper slide gate design allows the auger system to remain in place and does not obstruct normal pit dumping operations when unloading grain.

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