Adams Tender Does Double Time

Adams Tender Does Double Time

Adams Tender Double Shot Side Auger


The ability to move well to the left or right is not only desirable in a basketball point guard, but also in a fertilizer tender. Adams Fertilizer Equipment has answered customers’ requests for a dual direction discharge auger with its new Double Shot Side Auger Trailer Tender, an industry first.

Not only can the discharge auger be unloaded either to its left or right, but its unlimited unload height capability is unique to the industry. The auger — which can be manufactured from either 409 or 304 stainless steel — also automatically folds up once it’s completely lowered to the tender trailer’s left side, allowing the operator to drive to the next destination.

An optional bottom auger extension kit actually provides customers four ways to unload product: right, left, hopper bottom dump, and rear unload.

Wireless Effort

Another industry first is the optional 12-volt wireless remote control, which can start and throttle up the tender’s engine; start and fold up the auger; and more from 800 feet away. The time and manpower savings includes the ability of a fertilizer spreader driver to unload a tender trailer in the field unassisted.