Spreaders: Dry Flies High

Spreaders: Dry Flies High

FTLH-EXW, Chandler Equipment

FTLH-EXW spreader, Chandler


Chandler Equipment’s brand new fertilizer and lime spreader is the FTLH-EXW. It features a wider spread pattern of 90 feet for fertilizer and 60 feet for lime. The standard model has a 110-inch wide hopper and a 24-inch wide 304 stainless steel mesh type chain. Options include a 120-inch wide full flare hopper, belt-over-bar or straight bar-type chain. And its new design allows the FTLH-EXW to be installed on almost any type floater chassis and is available in 11-, 12-, and 13-foot models. All Chandler spreaders can be equipped with variable-rate controls from TeeJet Technologies or Raven Industries.

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