Spreaders: Dry Flies High

Spreaders: Dry Flies High

Adams Fertilizer Equipment Lime/Fertilizer Spreader


Manufacturers will be bringing a host of spreaders to test drive at the Midwest Ag Industries Exposition (MAGIE) and other summer events.

Lime/Fertilizer Spreader, Adams Fertilizer Equipment

Adams Fertilizer Equipment will be showing its Four-Wheel Lime/Fertilizer spreader, which creates 50-foot fertilizer and 30-foot lime spread patterns using a 16-inch 304 stainless steel mesh conveyor chain and adjustable material distribution chute. The 90-by 120-inch hopper is sloped downward at both ends and sides to allow material to slide down the well. It’s precision-built for durability and spread accuracy. The full line of ground drive and adjustable width spreaders also will be available.