11 Spreaders For Any Job

11 Spreaders For Any Job

Willmar Super 800Willmar Super 800, Willmar/AGCO Corp.

Made of 409 stainless steel, the Willmar Super 800 features a mechanically simple chain and gear conveyor system that is directly driven by the spreader’s ground speed through chains and pulleys. A 540 rpm PTO drive is standard, a dual drive 540/1,000 rpm PTO is optional. Two 40- or 50-feet spinners create a total spread pattern of 80 or 100 feet, respectively, and, using a 100% overlap, they produce a pyramid-type pattern. A single spinner has a 65-foot total spread pattern with a single pass, flat-type pattern. The two-speed conveyor allows the operator to control application rates of 39 to 1,033 pounds of material per acre. The rig’s capacity is 244 cubic feet struck, 264 heaped.


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Mike says:

Just curious does Vector recommend using floatation tires on this equipment, if so what size?