11 Spreaders For Any Job

11 Spreaders For Any Job

RBR Vector SpreaderVector 300, RBR Enterprise

Vector 300 is a mechanically driven, high clearance spreader with true 4 X 4 capabilities. The Vector can effectively handle 10 tons of product while delivering superior performance thanks to an 8.3 liter Cummins engine producing 305 horsepower and 1000 foot pounds of torque. The Vector 300 has a crop clearance of 28 inches, and when paired with row-crop tires, it’s efficient in both pre-plant and over-the-top application. All Vectors are equipped with the latest variable rate technology from both New Leader and Raven. In addition to the dry product bed, the Vector is available as a combo unit with a 1000-gallon liquid system and 90-foot booms. The Vector can also be equipped with a granular air applicator bed that delivers precise distribution of fertilizer.


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Mike says:

Just curious does Vector recommend using floatation tires on this equipment, if so what size?