11 Spreaders For Any Job

11 Spreaders For Any Job

GVM Double Duty Fusion Ready  Spreader on E325 ProwlerDouble Duty Fusion Ready, GVM

The 11 ton (330 cubic foot) GVM Double Duty Fusion Ready (DDFR) spreader offers a unique control system and the widest, most accurate spreading pattern in the industry, says GVM. Its guaranteed 90-105 ft spread pattern is due to a patented, reverse rotating spinner and the pre-adjusted funnel which forces material to fall directly onto the spinner disc, in the same location each time, to reduce spreader adjustments based on density. The DDFR is capable of spreading fertilizer, gypsum, lime, most litters, and solid waste. It can spread up to three products with additional bins, features a 34-inch belt-overchain conveyor, and is available in 304 or 409 painted stainless steel. The 11-ton DDFR is designed to be carried on the E325 and E370 GVM Prowler.


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Mike says:

Just curious does Vector recommend using floatation tires on this equipment, if so what size?