Sprayers Shine This Summer

Sprayers Shine This Summer

John Deere’s 4930 Self-Propelled Sprayer

Deere, 4940 sprayer


John Deere is building on many of the popular features of its current 4930 Self-Propelled Sprayer, John Deere has introduced the 4940 Sprayer as its most advanced applicator for the 2011-12 season. All 4940 units feature Direct Injection Ready, giving operators the ability to maintain a clean solution tank. They come with boom widths from 90 to 120 feet; 120-foot booms come in 11 independent sections, more than any other sprayer. The 4940 is powered by a 340-horsepower 9 Liter Interim Tier 4 PowerTech Plus Turbocharged engine with four-wheel hydrostatic drive that can make dry applications up to 25 mph (20 mph for liquid applications).

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