New Stylings For AGCO Sprayers

New Stylings For AGCO Sprayers

AGCO SpraCoupe 7660


What’s in a color? In agriculture, where equipment is as often identified by its color as its brand, the color of a machine usually evokes stong emotions for the end user. So changes to equipment coloring are never taken lightly.

Such was the case for AGCO, even as it unveiled two changes to its application equipment line – one subtle and one significant – in an effort give the entire line a clear family resemblance.

The subtle change is the base color for AGCO spray rigs. The trademark bright yellow will be retired in favor of the earthier yellow now featured on AGCO’s Challenger line. The move made sense from the standpoint of product marketing, inventory management, and overall manufacturing efficiency, says Mark Sharitz, director of marketing for the AGCO Application Equipment Division. The color will be made standard for the 2010 model year.

The more significant change is the restyling of the SpraCoupe to feature the same decal, detailing, and color scheme as its big brothers, the RoGator and TerraGator. While Sharitz admitted to some nervousness when the change was introduced to dealers, the reaction from the folks who will be selling the unit has been very positive.

Sharitz noted that the SpraCoupe will is going to be integrated into the national accounts program for ag retailers including multi-unit discounts, allowing retailers to consider them as part of a major equipment purchase.

As the pictures show, the new color scheme places the SpraCoupe solidly in the professional application product family, making it a more attractive option for retailers to consider adding to the fleet.

All changes will be fully implemented in 2010 models. 

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