Low Riding’

Low Riding’

Hagie Bobber Bike


After more than a half-century in business, building sprayers has largely become second nature for Hagie Manufacturing Co. So the company decided to try its hand at making another, more mainstream piece of equipment — a motorcycle.

“We had several workers who built custom motorcycles when they weren’t working at our plant,” says Jim Williams, product marketing engineer for the Clar­ion, IA-based company. “So about three years ago, we asked them to build a custom motorcycle for Hagie, using their know-how and incorporating the company colors and name into the mix.”

The result of this effort was the Hagie Chopper, which featured the company’s newer color scheme and 11 different Hagie logos spaced across its frame.

The Bobber

According to Williams, Hagie’s executives were so pleased with the Hagie Chopper that they decided a follow-up custom built motorcycle to commemorate the company’s 60th anniversary in 2007 was in order. The result was the Hagie Bobber, which made its market debut at the Midwest AG Industries Exposition (MAGIE) in late August.

“The Bobber shows off our company heritage,” says Williams. “It features a more retro look, reminiscent of the 1940s, with high handle bars, a hard tail frame, and not quite as big an engine as the Hagie Chopper.” 

Both motorcycles will now serve as show pieces for Hagie whenever it exhibits at an industry trade show. “We can even start them up to get some added attention if we want because they are pretty loud when they get going,” adds Williams.