Deere 30 Series Sprayers: A Complete Family

Deere 30 Series Sprayers: A Complete Family

Deere 30 Series sprayers ladder


With the introduction of the 4830 sprayer, John Deere’s 30 Series is now complete, says Craig Wey­nand, product marketing manager for the company’s Des Moines Works. “The 800-gallon 4730 and 1,200-gallon 4930 were great products to have, but many of our customers wanted more productivity and a 1,000-gallon sprayer and wider booms were the answer,” says Weynand. “Now with the 1,000-gallon, 100-foot boom 4830, we’ve added a sprayer with increased productivity in a powerful package, giving our customers more choices.”

Combined, all three 30 Series sprayers represent a complete family of self-propelled sprayers, ready to meet the market needs of growers to ag retailers. Horsepowers range from 245 for the 4730 to 275 for the 4830 to 325 for the 4930.

“And all the sprayers are loaded with integrated performance-enhancing technology which includes precision guidance, mapping, and variable-rate software,” says Weynand. “These machines are truly the most productive sprayers ever built by John Deere.”