Row-Cats In The Cradle

Row-Cats In The Cradle

GVM Row Cat


GVM is known for being a manufacturer of quality, long-lasting products. In 1997, the company introduced users to its own line of self-propelled sprayers. The 800 G and 1150 C units, marketed under the Row-Cat name, were the industry’s first row crop sprayer/spreader combination units with an easy-on, easy-off liquid to dry changeover. This could be accomplished, according to the company, in less than one hour.

Although the Row-Cat is no longer made by GVM, the unit shows up in plenty of the nation’s fields each year. Many are still the workhorses for ag retailers in the upper Midwest. Furthermore, used units can be found for sale on several Web sites and companies devoted to this business.

A Row-Cat’s Tale

“We’ve used a Row-Cat for many years, and it’s one durable machine,” says Greg Seffrood, president of Greg’s Feed & Seed, Inc. in South Wayne, WI. “It’s helped that the GVM dealer in our area has been so helpful in keeping the unit in good working order.”

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