Topcon Announces Software Upgrade To X30 Console

Topcon Announces Software Upgrade To X30 Console

Topcon X30 console


Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) announces a major software upgrade to its X30 control console with software version v3.07.24.

Within the last year, TPA introduced the System 350, a complete precision ag control system featuring the new all-in-one X30 console. 

Mike Gomes, TPA director of marketing said, “Topcon’s System 350 sets the industry standard for performance in virtually every conceivable area of precision farming operations.”

“The X30 includes a 12.1-inch, multi-touch screen, with icon-based user-definable interface,” Gomes added. “Double-touch screen control, mini-view drag-and-drop info windows, user definable ‘dashboard’ and interactive keypads provide a wealth of control and display options with feedback at a glance from multiple sensors throughout the machine being controlled.”

In addition to the X30’s standard high accuracy autosteering feature, detailed job summary reports for data tracking, and multi-guideline settings (straight, adaptive curve and center pivot), the new upgrade includes:

  • External steering engage;
  • Support for ISO nozzle types;
  • System information screen;
  • Swather vehicle support with AES-25 electric steering system;
  • GPS drift compensation;
  • Automatic backup and restore of user data during software upgrade;
  • Boundary creation from a shapefile;
  • Steering engage/disengage alarms;
  • RTK fallback;
  • Advanced system diagnostics;
  • ISOBUS planter support;
  • ISO file server;
  • ISO XML taskdata data exchange.

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