TeeJet Technologies Introduces New Automatic Sprayer Control

Radion 8140 Automatic Sprayer Rate Control, TeeJet Technologies

TeeJet Technolgies has launched the Radion 8140 automatic sprayer rate control.

Equipped with a bright 4.3″ (109 mm) color touch screen, operators can easily enter system settings and the target application rate. Radion 8140 display incorporates the TeeJet VisiFlo color-coding system for easy tip identification and set-up. Once spraying begins, application rate, volume sprayed, system pressure, ground speed and area covered are displayed.

Radion 8140 features a unique built-in droplet size monitor that displays real-time droplet size category information so adjustments can be made to ground speed and pressure to maintain optimum performance. Tank level monitoring, an automatic filling function and a communication port for connection to external variable rate controls are among other key features. A choice of five, seven or nine boom section switches plus master shutoff is offered.

The controller is designed for direct connection to TeeJet Matrix consoles for auto-section control without extra devices. Radion 8140 can be purchased as an individual controller or kitted with regulating valve, cables and sensors for a total spray control system. The Radion 8140 utilizes standard TeeJet rate control harnessing for easy upgrading of existing sprayers.

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