Rate Control Does Even More

Rate Control Does Even More

IC 18 ISOBUS Rate Control | TeeJet Technologies

IC 18 ISOBUS rate Control | TeeJet Technologies


The IC 18 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is an ISOBUS-certified module that is available for rate control on sprayers, NH3 applicators, and dry spreaders. Combined with the BoomPilot ECU (which includes an integrated GPS receiver), the system can provide automatic on/off control for up to 10 boom sections. The IC 18 provides plug and play capability for vehicles already equipped with a virtual terminal (such as the Deere 2600 display), preventing additional cab clutter and allowing growers to use a familiar interface. Alternatively, the TeeJet Matrix 570 VT is an available option for vehicles not currently equipped with a virtual terminal.

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