Nutrien Ag Solutions Launching New Digital Farming Platform

Nutrien Ag Solutions Launching New Digital Farming Platform

Nutrien’s retail division – soon to be rebranded as Nutrien Ag Solutions – has announced the launch of a new digital platform designed to augment its industry-leading distribution network, agronomic advice and services. The platform will provide growers with an easy to use, personalized all-in-one customer experience.


As the world’s premier provider of crop inputs, services and solutions, Nutrien Ag Solutions’ digital platform will initially be available across North America and will serve as an integrated hub for helping customers more effectively manage their unique agronomic and business needs. The platform will be integrated with the Echelon precision ag capabilities, enabling customers to interact with agronomists and field service representatives seamlessly providing solutions that optimize growers’ yields and financial results.

“Our new customer portal creates the only omni-channel network across North American agriculture. This launch will pave the way in the industry to allow growers to engage with us in multiple ways,” said Mike Frank, President of Nutrien Retail. “This customer experience hub will be a one-stop solution and allow us to set a new level of experience for growers, empowering them to make the best business decisions possible.”

Having invested a significant amount of resources over the past year, Nutrien will officially roll out the platform beginning in July 2018 and continue in phases into mid-2019. The digital hub’s initial offerings will focus on making Nutrien even easier to do business with and, over time will include digital agronomy services to provide data-driven advice and e-commerce capabilities to seamlessly plan, order and receive an unparalleled offering of products and services. These key offerings will be incorporated into a centralized customer experience hub, so growers can also manage accounts, services, products and payments on both web and mobile.

“As a grower, I’m looking for a full suite of easy-to-use products and services that are personalized to my individual business needs,” said Dan Corcoran. “I’m excited about this new platform that will let me save time, money and increase effectiveness in addition to providing real-time advice based on my farm’s specific data.”


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