Growers Weigh In On Variable-Rate

Growers Weigh In On Variable-Rate

Growers have many training opportunities across the country, but CropLife was able to get rare insight into one event, thanks to Brent Wiesenburger, precision ag manager at South Dakota Wheat Growers Association, Aberdeen, SD. He was part of the team that organized the regional Precision Ag Conference, put on by the South Dakota’s Brown County Extension Service. (The event drew participants from up to 250 miles away.)


This conference has grown from just over 100 attendees in 2010 to more than 300 in March of this year. Wiesenburger shared a few responses to a grower survey he conducted during his presentation:

■ A whopping 91% of growers felt planter row clutches pay, though at this point 53% of them actually use variable-rate (VRA) seeding on their operations.

■ Two-thirds of growers felt VR seeding pays and planned to do it in 2012 or 2013.

■ Two-thirds used VR fertilizer application, and 75% felt VR application pays.

■ 81% use autosteer on their operations; of those that did not have autosteer, one-third said they planned to purchase it in 2012.