Cruizer Control

Cruizer Control

Raven Industries has introduced a new guidance system with simplicity and affordability in mind. The new Raven Cruizer is a compact, 3-D guidance system. It features a built-in 10Hz DGPS receiver, which provides accurate sub-meter guidance during spraying.

The Cruizer comes packaged with a RAM Mount mounting bracket, power cable with adapter plug for instant in-cab power, and an external DGPS antenna. It features a large 5.7-inch color touchscreen display that is highly visible in both day and night modes, according to the company. The high-resolution display provides swath guidance and coverage area information using both aerial and downfield 3-D perspectives combined with traditional LED indicators.

Avoiding Skips

A field review screen helps verify coverage by showing skipped areas as well as allowing calculation of acreage contained inside a defined boundary. Cruizer’s Last Pass guidance directs the operator to one swath-width from any previously applied area. The operator can easily switch on-the-go between straight line and Last Pass guidance patterns, making Cruizer ideal for use in terraced fields or along waterways, says the company.

Cruizer is fully-compatible with Raven’s SmarTrax and QuickTrax systems.

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