Nozzles That Deliver

Nozzles That Deliver

IDKT Twin Flat Spray Air Induction, Lechler

Lechler IDKT


Lechler has added two sizes to its family of IDKT Twin Flat Spray Air Induction Nozzles — 015 and 06 — to complement those already in the line: 02, 025, 03, 04 and 05. The IDK-Twin Flat Spray drift-reduction nozzle is designed to provide excellent coverage in dense foliage. It is ISO color-coded and creates a 120 degree pattern with 30 degree front and rearward fans. The nozzles are available in POM or ceramic, with removable cores for easy maintenance. They have a working pressure range of 15 to 90 psi, yielding very coarse to medium droplets with a very low drift potential.

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