Nozzle Tackles Tough Canopies

Nozzle Tackles Tough Canopies

Dense foliage can inhibit proper spray coverage, so Lechler Inc. has designed its new IDK-T ceramic twin flat spray nozzle to enhance actual contact.


The drift reduction nozzle’s 120-degree pattern features two angled spray fans, one positioned to spray 30 degrees forward and the other to spray 30 degrees backward of the boom for excellent coverage.

The IDK-T’s working pressure range of 15 – 90 PSI yields Very Coarse to Medium droplet sizes with very low drift potential. The nozzles are ISO color coded with high wearing ceramic cores that are removable for easy maintenance. They will fit most bayonet cap and nozzle body systems, and will be introduced in 03, 04, and 05 sizes.

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