Innoquest Introduces SpotOn Spray Tip Cleaner, Multi-Tool Combo Pack

Innoquest, Inc., the designer and manufacturer of sensors and measurement instruments, has released the patent-pending SpotOn Tip Tool & SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner combo package, which was created for rapid cleaning and maintenance of spray tips and nozzle bodies.

“This combo package combines both of these new tools for added convenience and savings,” Bill Hughes, President of Innoquest, said. “Every sprayer operator should have the SpotOn Tip Cleaner and Multi-Tool on board to aid in quickly resolving problems with nozzles and associated parts in the field. It’s all about staying productive and limiting downtime.”

The two tools have a high-quality, durable construction for long-lasting use. As with all SpotOn products, the Nozzle Cleaner and Tip Tool are easy to use and provide quick results. The SpotOn Nozzle Cleaner clears plugged nozzles with a 50 PSI air blast that can be used anytime, anywhere because it never needs refilling or recharging. Plus, the four-in-one SpotOn Tip Tool features a brush, foldout plastic pick, spanner wrench and utility hook that make spray tip maintenance easy and convenient.

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