10 Nozzles For 2011

TwinJet Twin Flat Spray Tips, TeeJet TechnologiesTwinJet Twin Flat Spray Tips, TeeJet Technologies

The TurboJet TwinJet (TTJ60-VP) and Air Induction Turbo TwinJet (AITTJ60-VP, pictured) provide leading and trailing spray patterns that increase coverage while managing drift. The larger drops are resistant to drift, and the two patterns help operators put the chemical on target, even on difficult to manage grasses. These TwinJet tips are no longer considered specialty tips and are appealing to operations all over the world for pre-emerge and post-emerge applications in a variety of crops, including corn. The TTJ60-VP is a hydraulic spray tip with a broad operating range and good resistance to drift, while the AITTJ60-VP has even larger droplets and can be used for applications when conditions are even less ideal.

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