New Tool Provides Fast Aphid ID

New Tool Provides Fast Aphid ID

Dealership staff scouts, growers, and researchers now have the new IPM Scope CAM from Spectrum Technologies, Inc. to help identify and track plant pest and disease pressures, including soybean aphids.


The 5 megapixel IPM Scope CAM captures high-resolution pictures and videos in the field — without the need for an attached computer. The size of a typical digital camera, the handheld unit’s lens can zoom in and out. Pictures can be viewed instantly on the built-in, 2-inch-wide LCD display.

If needed, the images can be transferred via SD card or USB cable to a computer. The LED-lit unit magnifies objects by 3-25x on the unit display and up to 300x digitally on the computer. Images can easily be emailed to industry partners for quick pest identification.

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